graphic design, type design, risography, motion

I am a multidiscplinary designer with an appreciation for things made by hand. My practice involes mixing digital and analog techniques in service of image-making (still and moving). I work on a wide range of projects, including publications, motion graphics, identity design, posters/prints, etc. etc... basically down for aNytHinG!

For commisions or collaborations contact:, @camillegwise

Headlands Center for the Arts Design Fellow 2023
Type West ‘22

Living & working in San Francisco, CA (°◡°♡)
Currently available for hire (freelance or full-time).

Neumeister Modern
Revived from a late 13th century Italian manuscript, Neumeister Modern is a Venetian Roman typeface with unexpected flair. The specimen book is split into three sections that explain the type design process, showcase the letterforms, and suggest some possible uses for the typeface. This project was created during Type West ‘22.
Instructors: Graham Bradley & Rod Cavazos
Type design, book design