graphic design, type design, risography, motion

I am a multidiscplinary designer with an appreciation for things made by hand. My practice involes mixing digital and analog techniques in service of image-making (still and moving). I work on a wide range of projects, including publications, motion graphics, identity design, posters/prints, etc. etc... basically down for aNytHinG!

For commisions or collaborations contact:, @camillegwise

Headlands Center for the Arts Design Fellow 2023
Type West ‘22

Living & working in San Francisco, CA (°◡°♡)
Currently available for hire (freelance or full-time).

So, What Now?
Branding and execution for a virtual conference held by Freedom Movement Collective to address anti-blackness in the dance community.
Identity, graphic design, motion design

Back to One
Back to One is an event that brings together the dance and film community and showcases work from various creators/artists that combine the two crafts. It’s a safe space for people to push boundaries on traditional concept videos or dance performances. Motion graphics draw inspiration from dancer set formations and cinematographer cues.
Identity & Motion Graphics

Four Seasons Calendar 2023
11”x17”. Risograph calendar based a painting I made.
Risograph Print

Posters & Prints
(Freelance & personal)

65th San Francisco Film Festival
The 65th SFFILM Festival was a milestone for the organization, and marked the first time the event would be held in person since before the pandemic. The visual identity needed to express the programatic concept of “layers” while celebrating the longevity of the festival. Looking to the organization’s own history for inspiration, hand lettering and image treatments reference original posters designed by Saul Bass for SFFILM in the 60s.
Photography by Pamela Gentile and Tommy Lau.
Identity, graphic design, motion design, signage