graphic design, type design, risography, motion

I am a multidiscplinary designer with an appreciation for things made by hand. My practice involes mixing digital and analog techniques in service of image-making (still and moving). I work on a wide range of projects, including publications, motion graphics, identity design, posters/prints, etc. etc... basically down for aNytHinG!

For commisions or collaborations contact:, @camillegwise

Headlands Center for the Arts Design Fellow 2023
Type West ‘22

Living & working in San Francisco, CA (°◡°♡)
Currently available for hire (freelance or full-time).

Can the Front Half Sit Down?
A two day virtual event aimed to open discussion surrounding street dance, it’s history, and its commodification and appropriation that we see in dance today. “Can the front half sit down?” is a common question heard in dance workshops, used to give folks in the back the space to dance, to see and to be seen. The resulting identity revolves around a visual language of “halves” in promotional graphics, and translates to the website as a split-screen double scroll.
Identity, motion graphics